"Your seminar received rave reviews." — Arque McCarthy, Meetings Coordinator, Affordable Meetings Exposition and Conference


Managing Meetings


Objectives: To introduce techniques for planning and conducting effective meetings. Participants will be able to:

  • Improve existing group dynamics skills and build new ones.
  • Display facilitative behaviors that help meetings meet their objectives
  • Learn when to avoid meetings
  • Build a reasonable and realistic agenda
  • Assist the leader in gaining group involvement

Description: Some meetings elicit groans and dread while others are functional, effective tools for getting work done. Learn what to do when meetings get off-track, start late or run on forever. This workshop will introduce techniques for planning and conducting meetings using facilitative techniques to manage the dynamics within the group. Even a participant in a non-leadership role can assist the group in accomplishing its goals. The workshop will include:

  • 4 Key Elements in Meetings
  • Common Meeting Problems
  • How to Stay on Track
    • Agendas
    • Ground Rules
    • 9-Step Meeting Planning Process
  • Handling Questions:
    • Hostile or Friendly
  • Group Dynamics
    • Coping With Problem Participants
    • How to Gain Interaction
    • How to Handle Late Comers

Design: Participants will be expected to plan an upcoming meeting during the session. Emphasis will be placed on exercises, action planning and examples of practical techniques that can be used immediately. Class format is interactive using small group interaction for problem solving.

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