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About Odette Pollar

Odette Pollar is a nationally acclaimed business author, speaker, trainer, syndicated columnist and consultant who helps companies work smarter. Whether in print, on stage or on-site, Odette enhances performance, improves office management and streamlines day-to-day systems and operations.

Her nationally syndicated newspaper column, Smart Ways to Work, dispenses weekly wisdom and strategies for workplace success.

Each of Odette's four books address aspects of her WorkSmart philosophy:

  • Surviving Information Overload: How to Find, Filter, and Focus on What's Important
  • A Life Worth Living: How To Regain Balance and Simplify Your Daily Life
  • Organizing Your Workspace: A Guide to Personal Productivity
  • Dynamics of Diversity: Strategic Programs for Your Organization

Odette is in demand as a platform speaker. Her down to earth approach and nuts and bolts remedies offer audiences immediate relief from the tyrannies of technology, the glut of information and the seemingly overwhelming demands of complex work environments. She is acclaimed for her skill at gaining audience interaction.

As a trainer, Odette delivers highly customized programs on personal productivity, balancing work and life, handling information overload and work simplification. At retreats, senior management forums and off-sites, Odette facilitates groups helping them meet their objectives and return with clear action plans and performance metrics.

When Odette isn't speaking, writing or appearing on radio and television programs, she consults to a variety of fortune 500 companies, helping them to WorkSmart. Her twenty plus years of expertise in organizational development, training and facilitation techniques, have led to long term relationships with her clients.

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