"Many thanks for your outstanding contribution at our Annual Meeting. You faced a demanding audience and you performed with distinction." — Walter G. Shnee III, President, Million Dollar Round Table

Interview Odette

Odette is accessible, quotable and entertaining. She cites statistics, tracks trends, shares stories and provides pithy quotes in support of your articles.

Hear her views on:

  • How to balance work and personal life
    • "You do not need to move to a cabin in the woods to simplify. It is not major changes but rather small ones that often improve the quality of your life."
  • Overcoming information overload and managing paperwork
    • "If you use the 4-step: touch, decide, track and put away system, you keep papers under control and will be able to retrieve information quickly and easily."
  • Setting up the perfect home office
    • "Your organizing system need not be an elaborate one, nor cost a lot of money. The easier and simpler it is, the more likely you are to maintain it."
  • Taming e-mail and other technology traps
    • "The key to making electronic technology save time for you is to be selective about how much time you devote to that technology. If the software program you have now works perfectly well and you understand all the features, do not upgrade it just because a new version is released."
  • Cultural diversity: challenges and opportunities
    • "If you have tried a number of logical solutions to an interpersonal problem, and it hasn't gone away, the issue is probably rooted in cultural differences."
  • Managing time and tasks
    • "We have been conditioned to react without thinking. Beware the seductiveness of easy-to-do and less important tasks. Distinguish between meaningful work and busy work."
  • Easy ways to simplify your life
    • "Develop routines to simplify and handle mundane chores of your life. Use drop-off and delivery services as much as possible. Add up the time it would take for you to pay the toll, park the car, deliver the document and pick it up, it's probably more expensive than having the vendor come to you."

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