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Books by Odette Pollar

Surviving Information Overload: How to Find, Filter and Focus on What's Important

Key Points

Nothing irritates people more than tons of unwanted dreck mixed with stuff they need.

  • Systematic, practical methods for culling material for items that matter
  • Facts and fallacies of multi-tasking
  • Especially strong at dealing with electronic media

Readers will learn to recognize how too much information affects how we work and live, and how to put it in the context of the value of our time. Drawing on the latest research in the field and the valuable exercises and tips on organization that Odette Pollar has relied on for years, this book brings you an understanding of how to get the most from the time spent sifting, searching, managing, and using the information in your life.

Using the familiar straightforward approach that made a bestseller of Organizing Your Workspace, Odette presents strategies that will help individuals regain control over information and the technology that delivers it. She emphasizes acquiring the all-important skill of distinguishing between knowledge and information and she underscores the value of slowing down the process so that there is time to stop and think about what's really important about the information at hand.

  • A 3-step cure for overcoming Information Anxiety
  • A quick 5-step course in smart multi-tasking
  • An advanced approach to filtering material on your Data Diet
  • Deal with messaging problems
  • Reduce the paper pile-up
  • Tame technology with a technology audit
  • Cope with information overload at home

A Life Worth Living: How To Regain Balance and Simplify Your Daily Life

Simplify your life with more than 200 Practical Tips and 80 Action Steps!  Are you time-starved? This easy, five-step approach helps you reclaim time for yourself and your family. Reducing the complexity in your life is the key to regaining balance. Time, not money, is our most vital resource today. Americans reported a 37% decrease in leisure time since 1973, while our average work week increased by one full day. A Life Worth Living gives you practical, time-tested strategies for reducing stress by streamlining your hectic home and daily life. Each chapter includes an action plan and quick tips to help you get started.

  • Answer the five questions that will guide you to create a less demanding, more fulfilling lifestyle
  • Master the four-step technique that allows you to say "no" and stick to it!
  • Learn how to gain the support and help you need from family
  • Don't be seduced by delay. You can conquer your procrastination habit
  • What to toss? Follow the four principles of clearing clutter

Organizing Your Workspace: A Guide to Personal Productivity

Thousands of business people have found the help they need to get organized in Organizing Your Workspace: A Guide to Personal Productivity. This is perfect for people looking to free themselves from unmanageable schedules, piles of paper, and dysfunctional filing systems. You will get proven strategies for setting up a filing system that is simple, easy and manageable. Digging out and straightening up are thoroughly covered, and a plan for mastering incoming mail and business-related reading is mapped out.

Organizing Your Workspace is a step-by-step system for getting and staying organized. Exercises, checklists, and illustrations are included to speed up and reinforce the learning of new skills. Organizing Your Workspace will empower you to have more control of time, become more effective and best of all, the book only takes one hour to read, cover to cover!

Dynamics of Diversity: Strategic Programs for Your Organization

Once America was a microcosm of Europe. Now it is a microcosm of the world. Whatever your industry, your work environment is rapidly changing. To prosper in this new world, we must learn to appreciate and respect differences. Dynamics of Diversity outlines the differences among EEO, AA and diversity management. It analyzes why some efforts to implement a diversity initiative fail, and what to do to ensure success.

A five-step diversity training program shows the reader how to design and conduct a cultural audit, form a diversity task force and develop a plan that really works. Dynamics of Diversity provides guidance to both new and experienced trainers on what to expect and what to be cautious of, and uncovers traps inherent in diversity training. Includes checklists, exercises and questionnaires to help guide you.

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