Master Time, Simplify Work.

Odette Pollar will help you and your organization

  • Master Time, Tasks and Information
  • Simplify Work and Personal Life
  • Reorganize and Streamline Workflow
  • Manage Diversity and Difference
  • Analyze Performance and Increase Productivity
  • Design and Deliver Custom Training Programs
  • Facilitate Strategy Meetings

Odette is a nationally acclaimed business author, speaker, trainer, syndicated columnist and consultant who helps companies and teams work smarter. She is a popular media resource being interviewed regularly on workplace issues. Whether in print, on stage or on-site, Odette enhances performance, improves office management and streamlines day-to-day systems and operations.

"We are a unique organization. Our managers and supervisors demand a great deal. Odette exceeded their expectations and provided us an excellent training experience." —Farha Rahman, Senior Training Manager, US Postal Service
"We are actively and successfully implementing the procedures you gave us for managing our time and workloads." —Catherine A. Merschel, Executive Director, Eden Housing, Inc.
"Many thanks for your outstanding contribution at our Annual Meeting. You faced a demanding audience and you performed with distinction." —Walter G. Shnee III, President, Million Dollar Round Table