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The Case for Diversity

"The goal is not to treat everyone alike. Everyone isn't alike. The challenge and opportunity is to treat everyone fairly, while using their differences as an asset to enhance the workplace." —Odette

Are You Versed in Diversity?

Did you know...

  • If you have tried a number of logical solutions to an interpersonal problem and it hasn't gone away, the issue is probably rooted in cultural differences.
  • The diverse corporation has a decidedly competitive advantage in the marketplace. Diversity issues include the concerns of white males.
  • Diversity management, EEO and Affirmative Action are all different.

Investing in Diversity

Survival of a company now depends on its ability to:

  • Build functioning, thriving teams and partnerships comprised of diverse team members
  • Work better with its customers, clients, associates, staff and colleagues
  • Provide better products and services to a more diverse community
  • Build an organization that uses the full potential of all its different people
  • Combat prejudice and discrimination
  • Recruit and retain more people from diverse backgrounds
  • Reduce turnover and lower recruiting costs

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