"Your seminar received rave reviews." — Arque McCarthy, Meetings Coordinator, Affordable Meetings Exposition and Conference

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For 8 years Odette Pollar's weekly syndicated column was carried in these newspapers: (partial listing)

  • Agusta Focus
  • The Buffalo News
  • Cincinnati Herald
  • Detroit Lakes Tribune
  • Florida Star
  • Inner-City Express
  • Nevada Appeal
  • Orange County Register
  • Pittsburgh Courier
  • San Francisco Chronicle

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Odette is a frequent guest on radio and TV including: (partial listing)


Radio City State
WTOP-AM Arlington CA
WOMP Bellaire OH
WPAZ Boyertown PA
WMAQ-AM Chicago IL
WYLL Chicago IL
KPBC-770 AM Dallas TX
KNUS Denver CO
WGEE Green Bay WI
KCMO-AM Kansas City KS
KOST-FM Los Angeles CA
Radio City Ntwk Minneapolis MN
KMOJ Minneapolis MN
WALE San Antonio TX
KSDO San Diego CA
NPR San Francisco CA
KGO San Francisco CA
KFRC San Francisco CA
KCBS San Francisco CA
WINGS Washington DC
WCTG West Columbia SC
WSJS-AM Winston-Salem NC


Station City State
CLTV News Chicago IL
WCIU-TV Chicago IL
WHAQ-NBC 5 Chicago IL
WFAA-TV8 Dallas TX
KTVT-TV, 11 News Ft. Worth TX
KTVU-TV Oakland CA
KBHK-TV San Francisco CA
ABC, Channel 7 San Francisco CA
KBHK-TV San Francisco CA
BAY-TV San Francisco CA
Channel 8 News Washington DC

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