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Conflict Resolution


Objectives: To understand and identify different causes of conflict and develop behaviors that promote resolution. Participants will be able to:

  • Diagnose a conflict in the making
  • Identify their personal conflict management style
  • Modify their natural style where and when appropriate
  • Identify the "real" problem
  • Choose strategies that will encourage resolution

Description: When groups work together conflict is unavoidable. The ability to handle conflicts directly impacts a person’s ability to perform on the job, but also influences their satisfaction and comfort in the workplace. New studies show that conflict, if handled well, is actually beneficial for an organization. Participants will learn how to identify the real problem, diagnose potential conflict, and effectively resolve conflicts in the making. These techniques will have application to the participants’ personal and professional lives. This program will cover:

  • Conflict Awareness
    • Traditional views of conflict
    • New beliefs about conflict
    • Common causes of disputes
  • Conflict Management
    • Positive outcomes from conflict
    • 5 common conflict management styles
    • How personality styles impact conflict resolution strategies
  • Conflict Resolution
    • Guiding principles in resolving conflict
    • How to avoid escalating a problem
    • How to communicate effectively in the midst of disputes
    • 5 strategies to resolve conflict

Design: Emphasis will focus on discussion, brief lecture and skills practice. Exercises will help reinforce the importance of problem solving skills, communication and assertiveness. Workbooks included.

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