"Not only a job well done, but one with clarity, humor, and power. You were great!" — Pamela J. Tate, President, Northern California Society of Association Executives.


Getting it All Done: Breaking the Time Bind

Full-day of Half-day

Objectives:To offer techniques for improved time use in planning, organizing and scheduling. Participants will be able to:

  • Define and set priorities
  • Demonstrate techniques for scheduling time more effectively
  • Use three techniques for controlling paperwork
  • Reduce phone and e-mail interruptions

Description: Being pulled in too many directions with no end in sight is a common indication of overload. Managing time effectively requires realistic scheduling, clear communication and a willingness to set boundaries. Learn the myths about time management as we discuss easy-to-use planning and scheduling tools, ways to manage tasks and how to set priorities and stick to them. Doing more with less is possible if you are willing to streamline procedures and reevaluate processes. Training will include:

  • Setting Priorities and Realistic Scheduling Techniques
    • Urgency vs. Importance
    • The 80/20 Rule
    • Using Project and To/Do Lists
  • Personal Challenges in Managing Time
    • Changing Habit Patterns
    • How to Say "No" and Survive
    • Preventing Procrastination
  • Working with Others
    • Handling Interruptions
    • Managing More Than One Boss
    • Getting the Cooperation of Others
  • Tips to Tame the Telephone and E-mail

Design: Workbooks will include charts, checklists and tools for immediate use. Exercises, action planning and examples of practical techniques will be offered. Class format is highly interactive. Self analysis questionnaires, small group problem solving and diads used throughout.

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