"Not only a job well done, but one with clarity, humor, and power. You were great!" — Pamela J. Tate, President, Northern California Society of Association Executives.


Managing Multiple Demands

Half-day or Full-day

Objectives: To present managers with specific techniques for improved time use in the areas of planning, organizing, scheduling and handling interruptions. Participants will:

  • Learn a model for setting priorities
  • Reduce interruptions and distractions
  • Use three techniques for controlling paperwork
  • Track work delegated to others
  • Show improved task management via better written scheduling and planning

Description: Getting more work done in the same amount of time requires clearly defined priorities, a realistic schedule and consistently assigning key tasks to specific time periods. Managing multiple demands and being ruthless about controlling "C" priority tasks will prevent falling victim to the "tyranny of the urgent", and help reduce the stress of "always having too much to do." Learn about internal traps that can sabotage your efforts including: Ego, Not Saying "No", Needless Complexity and Poor Delegation. This session will cover:

  • Key Concepts: Urgency vs. Importance
  • Setting Priorities: Recognizing Common Traps
  • Planning and Scheduling Tips: New Ways to Use Calendars
  • Five Ways to Integrate Long-Term Priorities into Short-Term Schedules
  • Managing Multiple Demands
    • Strategies for the Individual and for Work Groups
    • Communication Tips for Clarity
  • Reducing Interruptions and Controlling Distractions
  • Combating the Tyranny of the Urgent
    • Four Options for Managing Low Pay-Off Tasks
  • How to Reduce Stress and Simplify Daily Life

Design: Participants will design their own personalized time management program by choosing a series of techniques that will be most helpful. Emphasis will be placed on exercises, action planning and examples of practical techniques that can be used immediately. Class format is highly interactive for problem solving. Self-assessment tools and workbooks included.

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