"We are actively and successfully implementing the procedures you gave us for managing our time and workloads." — Catherine A. Merschel, Executive Director, Eden Housing, Inc.


To Give or Not to Give: The Delegation Dilemma


Objectives: To help participants ensure that delegated projects are completed accurately and on time by being able to:

  • Identify factors that support or block delegation
  • Apply the 7-step process to ensure that projects are completed
  • Use tracking tools to monitor assigned work
  • Use delegated projects as a tool for staff training and development

Description: Do you hesitate to delegate as often as you should? Do you dread returning from a trip because the In-box will be overflowing? Have you had a bad experience with assigning work and being dissatisfied with the results? Or perhaps the project never got finished at all. Do you fear losing control of assigned projects or worry that you are overloading your staff? Learn to overcome these barriers and set clear objectives to ensure success by using the delegation matrix and monitoring assigned work. In this presentation we will discuss:

  • Delegation; A New Definition
  • Common Myths and Misconceptions
  • Benefits of Delegation
  • How to Choose the Right person
  • When Delegation is Appropriate and When it is Not
  • How to Overcome Barriers - Yours and Theirs
  • 7 Steps to Successful Delegation
  • Ways to Organize and Track Delegated Projects
  • Project Monitoring Form
  • Action Planning for Increased Performance

Design: Participants will practice delegating an assignment to another class member and receive feedback to reinforce the new skills. We will also include a tool for monitoring assigned projects. Class is interactive, fast-paced and uses small groups and partnering to practice new techniques.

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