"You did a great job connecting with the audience. Your superb speaking skills, combined with your knowledge of what REALTOR® Association Executives want/need to know about sorting principles and getting organized ensured an excellent program." — Mary T. Krukoff, Manager Professional Development, National Association of REALTORS®


Take the Terror out of Talk: Delivering Dynamic Presentations

Half-day or Full-day

Objectives: To help attendees craft a well-designed presentation, control nervousness and improve delivery skills by being able to:

  • List and demonstrate 5 effective openings
  • Identify 4 types of common business presentations and their differences
  • Understand and use the 8-step preparation process for creating a program
  • Practice and receive feedback during class

Description: Motivating and persuading others can be greatly influenced by the effectiveness of the speaker and by the quality of the presentation. It is often even more critical than factual, well-researched information that makes up the body of the presentation. Learn different ways to assess group interest, get them involved quickly and keep their interest throughout your program. A strong opening, a logical building process for the body of the talk and a moving conclusion are key elements in the success of the speech. Whether speaking to 20 or 200, you can master techniques to make you more comfortable, persuasive and effective. The session will include:

  • 4 Types of Presentations
  • 5 Ways to Open a Speech
  • 8 Steps to Plan a Presentation
  • Handling Questions - Hostile or Friendly
  • Platform Techniques
    • Eye Contact
    • Posture and Gestures
    • Voice Tone and Pitch
  • Uses and Abuses of Humor
  • Individual Presentations and Critiques
  • Use of Visual Aids
  • How to Master Nervousness and Anxiety

Design: Diads, personal awareness exercises and feedback from coaching partner. Participants will be expected to plan and practice an upcoming presentation during the class. Limited to 12 people, this allows time for each person to give a short speech and receive feedback from the group.

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